Norwalk/Danbury Hospital System Seeks COVID-19 Plasma Donation & Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

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Norwalk/Danbury Hospital System Seeks COVID-19 Plasma Donation

If you had COVID-19 and have recovered, you may be able to help save a life. Your blood may contain antibodies that fight the virus and can help critically ill people.

Nuvance Health is looking to screen you as a volunteer. If you are willing to participate, please follow this link to see if you are eligible:

Travelers: Per State recommendations, any person coming into Connecticut by any mode of transportation for any reason is strongly urged to self-quarantine for 14 days.

A review of the number of positive COVID19 cases being reported by the Connecticut State Department of Health, as of 3:30 pm this Monday April 6, 2020 reveals that out of the total 6906 (an increase of 1231 from yesterday) confirmed laboratory cases in Connecticut, 3719 (an increase of 669 from yesterday) were located in Fairfield County; 146 (an increase of 11 from yesterday) were from Westport and 33 (an increase of 1 from yesterday) from Weston. Norwalk (595 cases), Danbury (570 cases), Stamford (888 cases), Waterbury (278), New Haven (319), Greenwich (221), and Bridgeport (236) now surpass Westport in the number of cases. Although Fairfield County continues to have the largest number of positive cases in Connecticut, New Haven County is next with 1468 cases (1162 yesterday), Hartford County with 882 cases (751 yesterday) and Litchfield County 230 (197 yesterday).

Of those with confirmed cases in Connecticut, the largest number of cases continues to be in the over 50 to 59 age group. The over 80 age group has the highest rate of hospitalizations and deaths.

To best protect yourself and loved ones, assume the virus is everywhere and avoid touching your face before washing your hands.

For a more detailed look at how COVID19 is spreading across the state, click on this link:

The next round of community testing for Westport and Weston Residents, conducted by Murphy Medical, will beat the Bedford Middle School, 88 North Avenue:

  • Tuesday,   April  7,  2020      8:30AM – 12:00PM

Residents must register and book an appointment at to be tested:

There are other testing sites. If you have had contact with a confirmed COVID19 positive individual and have symptoms, please feel free to arrange testing at one of these other sites that can be found using this link: