Submitting Ticks & Bats for Testing

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Ticks:  Click here for instructions on submitting a tick.

To Learn More:  Tips for Tick Bite Prevention

Bats & Other Animals:   If you think there has been exposure to a potentially rabid animal, please call the Health District for further assistance.  Staff will complete the paperwork necessary to have an animal tested for rabies at the State Public Health Laboratory in Rocky Hill, CT.

A courier service is available to transport the animal from the Health District to the state lab for a $100 fee payable by the resident.

Please note that only dead bats will be accepted for testing. If you have a live bat, please call a Nuisance Wildlife Control Officer or consult a veterinarian to have the bat euthanized.

Local Animal Control contact information:




To learn more, visit Connecticut Department of Public Health’s website.