COVID-19 Updates & Following the Governor’s Directives

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 Summary for most recent day of reporting in Connecticut

Category Text Total Change Direction Change
Laboratory Confirmed COVID-19 Cases 17,550 +      741
COVID-19 Associated Deaths   1,086 +        50
Patients Currently Hospitalized with COVID-19   1,938          8
Patients Tested for COVID-19 58,213 +   2,751

Charts represent the date the data were reported to the CT DPH.  Cases and deaths are cumulative over time.  Hospitalization data are collected by CT Hospital Association

Source: Department of Public HealthCreated with Datawrapper

                                                                                                          Total Reported        

                        Local Results                                                             To Date               Change

Westport Residents COVID19 Positive Reported to the State            184                  +  1

Weston Residents COVID19 Positive Reported to the State                 44                  +  1

A complete listing by town and county of all COVID19 cases being reported by the Connecticut State Department of Health, and various analysis of those cases, can be found by following this link: The 

The Health District has heard of concerns about non-compliance of the Governor’s directives in grocery stores, food facilities, as well as the public. Concerns range from food workers and the public not wearing face masks, too many people in a store at the same time, to people not following the aisle directional arrows on the floor.

Face masks have just recently been required for all grocery and food workers, as well as the public when they are out and about. Prior to the Governor’s  recent directive, their use was optional.

To help ensure everyone’s essential shopping trips are a safe as possible, Health District staff have developed a plan to routinely visit all open grocery and food businesses to reinforce, and ensure, they are complying with all the new requirements. Health District staff also investigate concerns/complaints of non-compliance as they come to the office, by sending an inspector to see what is going on at a particular facility, meet with the facility manager, and review what should or should not be happening. To date, in most of our encounters, facilities are working to comply with the changing requirements and very willing to do the right thing. They are told that if the health inspectors find intentional non-compliance they will be shut down. It is a bit more difficult when it is the public who refuse to wear a face mask, or follow one-way directional arrows in the aisles – but I have noticed in my own visits to pick up groceries, etc., that an increasing number of stores are being more aggressive in enforcing social distancing and the wearing of face masks by everyone.

Health District staff have been to a number of facilities this week and will continue to routinely make site inspections to ensure requirements are being met, and the public, as well as the grocery and food workers, are being protected. I thank those of you who bring your concerns to our attention, staff cannot be everywhere, and the extra eyes from concerned citizens, is helpful.