The Power of Collaboration/(Updates)

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Reporting on the State of Connecticut’s Summary of COVID-19 cases, deaths, and tests.

A complete listing of all COVID-19 cases and  analyses by age, hospitalizations, deaths, towns and county is reported by the Connecticut State Department of Health. This information can be found by following the link below:




                                                                                                              Total Reported

                                                                                                              To Date    Change from        Probable 

                                                                                                                                Yesterday            Cases


Westport Residents COVID-19 Positive Reported to the State        335                     +0                     15

Weston Residents COVID-19 Positive Reported to the State            84                      +1                      3


The Power of Collaboration

As we have learned throughout the pandemic, the situation is fluid and we discover more about the virus each week.  It has been a challenging time for all of us.  So, as school reopens, communication and collaboration are more important than ever.  The WWHD has been and continues to be in constant communication with school administrators, school nursing staff, and district medical advisors. The group has been hard at work all summer to be ready to open school in a safe manner.  The health and safety of students, staff, and the greater community drives our decisions.  The COVID response team has planned for a variety of scenarios, developed decision making protocols, and will work together to assess each situation on a case by case basis.  If a school is made aware of a positive COVID-19 case, the nursing supervisor will be notified and will notify the Superintendent of Schools, the district medical advisor, and WWHD Health Director.  This group will assess the individual situation and determine next steps.

In the event of a positive case, the Health District will perform contact tracing using the State of Connecticut’s contact tracing platform as we have throughout the pandemic.  Our staff will determine who within the school community has had “close contact” (as defined by the CDC) with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19.  The CDC defines “close contact” as exposure of within six feet for at least fifteen minutes.  School district administration and school nurses will assist the WWHD with these efforts and any further contact tracing. The school district will help to identify areas (classrooms, buses, etc.) where close contact may have occurred in the 48 hours prior to the onset of symptoms. Those who are determined to have had “close contact” with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 will be notified and will begin a 14-day quarantine.

One of the questions community members often have is whether or not they will be told about cases or suspected cases.  It is important to note that the Health District and school administrators are required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding student and employee confidentiality and privacy. We will provide accurate, timely information that helps protect the students, staff, and the broader community about a COVID-19 incident.  We must work together to avoid rumors and unnecessary alarm.  As the school year continues, there may also be outbreaks of seasonal flu or common cold in the schools and we will update and inform the community so that we can ease concerns and take precautions.  If you have any questions about these plans, please contact the WWHD or your local school.