It Will Take a Village to Keep COVID-19 at Bay/(COVID-19 Updates)

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Summary for most recent day of reporting in Connecticut

NEW REPORTING SCHEDULE: The State of Connecticut’s COVID-19 metric report is now issued five times per week, every Monday through Friday. The report that is issued each Monday contains combined data that was collected on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This schedule will remain in effect until further notice.  

Day-to-day changes reflect newly reported cases, deaths, and tests that occurred over the last several days to week.All data in this report are preliminary; data for previous dates will be updated as new reports are received and data errors are corrected. Hospitalization data were collected by the Connecticut Hospital Association. Deaths* reported to either the OCME or DPH are included in the daily COVID-19 update.

*For public health surveillance, COVID-19-associated deaths include persons who tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19 disease around the time of death (confirmed) and persons whose death certificate lists COVID-19 disease as a cause of death or a significant condition contributing to death (probable).

Category Text Total Change Direction Change
Laboratory Confirmed COVID-19 Cases 47,510 + 223
COVID-19 Associated Deaths 4,371 + 23
Patients Currently Hospitalized with COVID-19 74 3
Patients Tested for COVID-19 587,331 + 31,101

Charts represent the date the data were reported to the CT DPH.  Cases and deaths are cumulative over time.  Hospitalization data are collected by CT Hospital Association

Source: Department of Public Health

                                                                                                        Total Reported

                                                                                                              To Date    Change from   Probable 

                                                                                                                                Yesterday        Cases

Local Results                                                                                                                  

Westport Residents COVID-19 Positive Reported to the State        299                    +1                     15

Weston Residents COVID-19 Positive Reported to the State             63                    +1                     3

A complete listing by town and county of all COVID-19 cases being reported by the Connecticut State Department of Health, and various analyses of those cases, can be found by following this link:


It Will Take a Village to Keep COVID-19 At Bay

Overall, Westport and Weston residents have responded seriously to the demands of these uncertain times and helped to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.  You stayed home, limited your activities, and took personal precautions. Businesses responded with stepped-up cleanings, crowd controls and expanded use of telecommuting when feasible. Because of these efforts, Connecticut’s metrics improved. As result, we moved forward with a phased in reopening and enjoyed a glimmer of normalcy in recent weeks and months.  It is important to understand, however, that the virus did not disappear.  It is still present in our communities and, as more and more people resume daily activities, we will continue to see positive cases.

We must learn how to “live with it” and embrace the notion that personal responsibility is a key component of operating as safely as possible.  Individuals must take ownership of how we conduct ourselves. Hand washing, weighing the risks of certain activities, wearing masks when in close contact with others, and keeping a physical distance should all be part of our strategy for success. Individuals must assess what is safe and what is not – and that may mean forgoing large gatherings, celebrations, and dinner parties.  If you vacation or visit an area with a high infection rate, pay attention to Governor Lamont’s travel advisory and quarantine upon return home as recommended.  We must work collectively to keep rates of infection low.

The truth is that there is a limit to what government and businesses can do to control the spread of the virus. Capacity limits, cleaning schedules, and travel advisories will only work if we actually follow the rules put in place to slow the spread.  While officials should certainly be held to high standards and take responsibility for protocol development and communication, government can only do so much.  Individuals must acknowledge that they play a role in the COVID-19 response as well.  If we are to fight a surge in positive cases here in Connecticut, it will take a sustained and collaborative effort.

The WWHD will continue to do our part – contact tracing, advising town officials and businesses, educating residents, and promoting safety precautions.  We are committed to mitigating the spread and serving our community.  Please feel free to contact the Health District with any questions and thank you for your ongoing commitment and hard work.