COVID-19 in Westport Weston and Easton Today – 10/26/20

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COVID-19 in Westport Weston and Easton Today

The State of Connecticut’s COVID-19 metric report is now issued five times per week, every Monday through Friday. This report contains combined data that was collected on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This schedule will remain in effect until further notice. Therefore, there will not be updates over the weekend.

Overall Town Summaries


                                                                             Total*                   *Change Since Yesterday

COVID-19 Cases

Westport                                                                420                                            +4

Weston                                                                  100                                             +1

Easton                                                                   57                                               +3

COVID-19-Associated Deaths

Westport                                                                   23                                             0

Weston                                                                       2                                             0

Easton                                                                        1                                             0


**Includes confirmed plus probable cases


For the Time Period 10/4/2020 to 10/17/2020*

Number of Active Cases                Case Rate

                                                                  (per 100,000 pop)

Westport                     17                                            4.3

Weston                         2                                             1.4

Easton                          6                                            5.7

                                  *Reported by the State as a 14-day rolling average


A complete listing of all COVID-19 cases and  analyses by age, hospitalizations, deaths, towns and county is reported by the Connecticut State Department of Health. This information can be found by following the link below:

Town specific COVID-19 Tests, Cases, and Deaths can be found at the following link: