Contact Tracing Works/(Updates)

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Reporting on the State of Connecticut’s Summary of COVID-19 cases, deaths, and tests.

A complete listing of all COVID-19 cases and  analyses by age, hospitalizations, deaths, towns and county is reported by the Connecticut State Department of Health. This information can be found by following the link below:



                                                                                                              Total Reported

                                                                                                              To Date    Change from        Probable 

                                                                                                                                Yesterday            Cases


Westport Residents COVID-19 Positive Reported to the State        357                       +0                   16

Weston Residents COVID-19 Positive Reported to the State            87                        +0                     4

Easton Residents COVID-19 Positive Reported to the State             41                        +0                     2

Town specific COVID-19 Tests, Cases, and Deaths can be found at the following link:


Contact Tracing Works

Contact tracing is a time-tested public health strategy that helps communities control the spread of disease. Contact tracing helps identify new outbreaks before they are able to grow and is an important tool in the fight against COVID-19.  That’s why your participation in the process is so critical.

With your cooperation, contact tracers will be able quickly identify people who may be infected and contagious.  Contacts are notified about their exposure to COVID-19. They are told what symptoms to look out for, advised to isolate themselves for a period of time, and to seek medical attention if they start to experience symptoms. They can take steps to not infect others.

Getting comprehensive information from a patient diagnosed with COVID-19 is the foundation of case investigation and contact tracing. This information includes:

  • the case patient’s socio-demographic characteristics,
  • history of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) testing and results,
  • date of symptom onset, if applicable,
  • date of specimen collection for COVID-19 testing,
  • source of illness,
  • list of close contacts and their locating information,
  • duration of exposure,
  • the case patient’s activity history during the contact elicitation window (when the patient was infectious and not under isolation),
  • exposure locations (including events and gatherings with unknown contacts).

Health departments are responsible for conducting COVID-19 case investigations and contact tracing and often have legal mandates to investigate cases of communicable disease and a duty to notify contacts that they were exposed. Health departments should initiate investigations as quickly as possible.

With the community’s cooperation and support, disease transmission can be interrupted and flare-ups better managed.  The continued reopening of businesses and services hinges on how well we can control the spread of the virus. The Westport Weston Health District clinical staff has been tracing infections in the community since the COVID-19 outbreak was first detected in March.  Most residents have been very helpful and willing to participate in the process. Together, we can make a difference by changing the dynamics of an outbreak and reduce the spread of COVID19 in the community.