Local Health Alert Network

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Local Health Alert Network (LHAN)

One of the key assets maintained by the Health District is our Local Health Alert Network (“LHAN”). A collection of various communications assists, the LHAN also includes technology that allows us to rapidly send written or voice communications to various groups. During certain food-related recalls, we utilize this technology to notify all our licensed food service establishments. This is also the system utilized to notify our MRC volunteers and other response partners in the event of an emergency activation.

Emergency preparedness is a collaborative effort on both the local and state level. Locally, we work closely with the Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services Departments as well as our Emergency Management Directors.

On a state level, our primary partner is the Connecticut Department of Public Health. Regionally, the Health District is an active participant in the Connecticut Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security Region 1 ESF-8 Committee. “ESF-8” refers to the National Response Plan’s Emergency Support Function #8, which is Health and Medical. This region comprises essentially the towns in lower Fairfield County. We work to develop regional plans and coordinate both among other health departments, hospitals, EMS agencies, and community health centers.